Saved by Grace
My name's Gianna, I'm 19 & awkward, and Jesus is my King.
He who loves, sees.

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I’m so annoying but I’m cute so it’s ok

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// O U R  C R E A T O R //

When I see skies like this I can’t help but think of what a creative God I have.  (at M I N N E ☀️☁️)
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Do not say that victory is lost
Have faith in God, have faith in life
And try again.

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It’s a beautiful night.
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a new year started yesterday and i have been experiencing a plethora of  emotions. 

i’m excited for another year here, and i feel completely blessed with somehow being able to return.  i made some really great friendships last year and i’m enthralled to continue them and grow closer, as well as encounter new people and begin new ones.  

i feel like God is definitely taking me into a new season—a season that I know i’m definitely not comfortable with whatsoever. 

i asked Him to break me and help me grow closer to Him than ever, and that’s exactly what He’s doing.  but I know it’s for the best.

although some things are challenging right now, I know He’ll be by my side through every shaky or overwhelming moment. 

Jesus is so present, even when we don’t feel like He is or even when we are not present ourselves; Christ is still there.

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Don’t you stop. Don’t you dare give up. Not even for a moment. Even through the worst of times you can feel Him. Do not stop yourself. Help is always there. Comfort is always there. Christ is always there. Not ever will He leave. Not once. Not even for a second. Turn to Him. Trust. Listen. Keep going always. And receive the best ever created for you. You can do this. And it will be greater than you ever could have imagined for yourself. And you will look back and be blown away and left speechless with the direction your life has gone in.

Al Fox (Promised & Committed)

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thank you Jesus for loving me despite how fickle I am with You.